“They take great pride in providing one hundred percent client satisfaction, The safest conditions, with superior tattoos being the ultimate goal. The shop is clean and the artists are wonderful. They also provide beautiful piercing  (in privacy ) along with gorgeous jewelry. If you are serious about an excellent tattoo from a professional, look no further, you’ve found your shop.”
-Jillian Mosley, Texas

“Terence did a great job on my American Flag Tattoo.”
-David Townsend Jr., Westbank

“This shop is hands down the best tattoo shop I have ever been into. The walls are filled with original artwork and most of it’s from the artist that work in the shop. I always feel welcome whenever I am there I started with a few small ones and I am now working on my backpiece from Downtown Terry Brown. He is a great tattoo artist and an awesome dude. My commute from Washington DC doesn’t allow me to get there as often as I’d like but every time I do Downtown Tattoos is on my list of things to do. Oh and don’t miss there badass art gallery next door one stop shop I’d say tattoos and then killer gifts all in one swoop. Scale of one to ten (ten being the highest) I give them a 1000, they deserve it.”
-Andres Ortiz Washington DC.

“Downtown Tattoos is one if the most unique locations to be tattooed in New Orleans. It fits so perfectly in the area and feels as though it was always there. The professionals who work there take their jobs seriously, but without an uptight, unfriendly environments familiar to most people who are frequent collectors of wearable art. It’s a wonderful experience every single time and I hope to be going there for a very long time. It’s my favorite tattoo shop.”
-Bryce Landry, N.O.L.A.

“Downtown Tattoos is now a regular stop for me every time I’m in New Orleans. Last time I was there with my cousin getting a piercing, the time before my sister was getting work done on a tattoo by Terry Brown, and before that I got a swallow tatted on my left bicep by Terry as well. This shop is in a great location, it’s got great ambiance, the staff are always friendly, and it’s got an awesome local art gallery next door! I’m happy with the work I’ve had done, and I know my family is too! “
-Jessamyn Howe, Houston, Texas

“I have been a loyal patron of downtown tattoo since they opened their doors. I have had work done by Cameron, Terry, and Pauly and have never been more pleased with my pieces. They all deal with my whining exceptionally well and are very gentle and sweet. I have also gotten tooth bling by Katy B and body jewelry from Molly and love everything!! I love downtown tattoo the most…. And it doesn’t hurt that the entire staff is extremely good looking.”
Jamie Gandy, N.O.L.A.

“When I think tattoo I ONLY think of Downtown. Not only are they a great group of artists they’re all awesome people as well. I always have a great time getting stabbed repeatedly by a wonderful staff. Not only did they poke my arm, they nudged my heart.”
Lester, N.O.L.A.


“Downtown Tattoos is hands down one of my favorite tattoo shops out of the couple dozen I’ve had work done in. It is clean and professional and the staff are very friendly. They employ some very talented artists. I want something from each of them. Terry Brown at Downtown Tattoos is incredibly humble and nice, is very professional and has great vision. He’s nailed every design I’ve come to him with. It’s also awesome to get tattooed by someone that you can have great conversation with at the same time.”
-Mosley VonMozelstein

“Downtown tattoo is one best shops in the city of New Orleans. The shop is clean and inviting. The staff makes you feel welcomed and comfortable. Terry did a wonderful job with my tattoo. I highly recommend this shop to anyone looking to get some amazing tattoo work done.”
Ken “Sharky” Braden, N.O.L.A.

“I love these people. I got my first tattoo from Terry before he opened his new place. I’ve been back several more times and and plan to return. Extremely satisfied on all aspects from start to finish!”
-Chimento, N.O.L.A.

“Downtown tattoo is a welcoming, clean and professional shop. the artists are top notch and very friendly. The shop is safe and hygienic, from the piercers to the tattoo artists, you will feel no worries to sit in their chair. great location, great art, great people!”
-Tiffany Couch, N.O.L.A.