Downtown Tattoos is a laid-back, community-driven tattoo parlor that calls to mind the warm, friendly feeling you get when you walk into your favorite neighborhood barbershop.

Downtown Tattoos believes in fostering the individual creativity and the freedom of expression present in everyone, and we think there is nothing better than bringing people’s ideas to life through ink on skin.

We love our locals and everything NOLA, and we work to support the awesome community that supports us in any way possible. Above all, we are a traditional tattoo parlor that guarantees our customers a good ole-fashioned good time-and one helluva tattoo.

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    Guest Artist: Eddy Deutsche
    Don't miss out on getting tattooed by the man, the myth, the legend. Call the shop (504) 266-2211 to book your appointment ASAP. He will book out fast! IG: @EDDYDEUTSCHE
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    Guest Artist: Annelise
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    We will have pre-drawn designs that we will post the day of. First come first served. $13.00 plus $7.00 tip for all tattoos, two for one tooth gems $50.00, and no piercing fee this day just pay for the jewelry and $13.00 plus $7.00 tip. (You are always welcome to tip more as well)